Contractor Engagement


The engagement is that of Independent Contractor to provide Delivery Services on a Contract by Contract basis.

The group or individual must provide an ABN (Australian Business Number) OR quote a reason for not providing an ABN on a Statement by Supplier Form provided.

A Contract is a delivery area which is normally a suburb or part of. You can deliver as many areas as are available and contracts typically range between 1000 and 1500 addresses. Each contract consists of a map of the delivery area and instructions. You may accept or refuse any contract available without prejudice to future contracts.

Failure to complete any contract will result in non-payment for that area. If you enter into difficulties with the delivery you must notify Local Post at the earliest opportunity.

Only those with the right to work in Australia can deliver.


The contractor must provide suitable equipment to complete the task, a Ute, SUV, Van or Car to collect the material and get to the delivery area. A pushbike is recommended for the actual delivery to cover more ground quickly and maximise your earning potential. However, a trolley or back pack walking works just as well.



The contractor acknowledges they are solely responsible for any damage and any fines that they may incur. Remember to obey all the road rules.