Contract Terms – Vishva Distribution

Terms of Engagement

Letterbox Delivery Engagement.

Please read through the information provided in the following pages.

Contractor Engagement

The engagement is that of Independent Contractor to provide Delivery Services on a Contract by Contract basis.

The group or individual must provide an ABN (Australian Business Number) OR quote a reason for not providing an ABN on a Statement by Supplier Form provided.

A Contract is a delivery area which is normally a suburb or part of. You can deliver as many areas as are available and contracts typically range between 1000 and 1500 addresses. Each contract consists of a map of the delivery area and instructions. You may accept or refuse any contract available without prejudice to future contracts.

Failure to complete any contract will result in non-payment for that area. If you enter into difficulties with the delivery you must notify Vishva Distribution at the earliest opportunity.

Only those with the right to work in Australia can deliver.

Mobile Warehouse

We operate a mobile warehouse which comes to you during the day, once you have finished your map or require more leaflets just call Viral on 0430 724 909 and we will come to you. The warehouse starts from Southbank at 7.30am and returns at the end of the day at around 4pm.

Maps and Delivery Material

Maps, GPS units and delivery material must be returned at completion of the delivery. Failure to do so may delay payment.

Delivery Queries

Please write down any issues you had with delivery, i.e. could not get access to a secure unit, incomplete areas etc…. You will find space for this in the notes on the back of the map.

Contract (Delivery Area) Completion

Upon completion of each contract (delivery area) you must complete the following for payment;

Return the signed contract map, GPS unit and vests

Return any unused material and keep track of how many you delivered into the area.

Provide an invoice (if required a blank template will be provided)

Once the area(s) are completed and all completion requirements are met, ensure you Invoice Vishva Distribution for the correct amount in order to receive prompt payment.


You will be paid for the number of leaflets delivered, the rate per leaflet is dependent on the delivery area/contract.

To get paid you must submit a valid tax invoice with the signed off map for each contract/delivery area completed. Invoices must be emailed to

Should you have any payment queries contact Viral on 0430 724 909.

The Contractor acknowledges that they are responsible for payment of all taxation obligations and superannuation contributions.

Contract Performance

Each contract is checked and validated prior to the final payment being made. Only contracts that can be validated will be paid. Checks include:

Physical checks of the area: Your area will be visibly checked to ensure all deliveries undertaken are delivered correctly and in accordance with the Instructions of Delivery.

Customer Feedback: Customer feedback are complaints from the public and advertisers who contact the owners of the leaflet. They include missed deliveries, delivery of opt out addresses, excess delivery of leaflets and delivery behaviour. e.g. leaving the leaflets where you should not.

Please note the Public are very quick to complaint if the leaflet is delivered incorrect and many complaints now come through social media which is monitored us.

Example of a complaint via Twitter 

“Thought we had opted out of the delivery. Also the kid that ‘delivered’ it left it on my driveway”


Penetration Rate: All area quantities are known and you are to be within 95% to 100% of available delivery address. Do not over deliver! You will not be paid for delivering more in the area than the actual number of available areas. Any area over 100% will be deducted automatically from your total.

GPS Validation: You are required to provide a GPS validation report upon completion of each contract. GPS data recorders will be issued to you with each contract. The data is checked for consistency and duration vs leaflets delivered.


IMPORTANT: Only contracts that can be validated are paid, In the event the GPS recorder goes missing or is broken you may be required to provide us with alternative verification that delivery has been completed. Lost or broken GPS units are charged at $100 each.



Incorrect Delivery – Contractor allowed 1 incorrect delivery per 5000 leaflets before fine of $10/leaflet may be applied

Area delivered incorrectly – Contractor can clean up the area and deliver correctly or will be charged as follows;

$100 clean up fee for all Metro Area

Delivery to an opt out address – Contractor allowed 1 mistaken opt out delivery per 100 opt outs addresses before fine of $50 per opt out is applied

Dumping or social media complaint (not including opt outs) – $600 fine + no more contract offerings

Damaged property – Contractor responsibility and details will be forwarded to relevant parties.

Fines from external authorities e.g EPA – Contractor responsibility and details will be forwarded to relevant parties.

Penalties may apply for repeated incorrectly delivered leaflets. Should any of the above occur we reserve the right not to offer any more contracts due to poor contract performance.


To accept the contract terms and start working please complete the form below;